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Data Professionals on Demand

We Find the Right People

The innovative use of data in your organization requires specific knowledge and skills. These are in short supply in the current labor market. We specialise in the recruitment and selection of data professionals for temporary or permanent roles.

We believe there is a right candidate for every role but not every role is right for every candidate. Each position requires its own combination of personality, knowledge and technical skills for the candidate to be successful.

With this in mind, we search and find the data scientists, data engineers and data analysts that fit with your organisation.


When your organisation has a temporary need for additional knowledge or capacity in the field of data science, engineering or analysis, Data Wizards has a solution. Our consultants are available to work with or within your existing data team or set up and run projects independently. They have experience with a vast array of tools and applications like Hadoop, Spark, AWS, Python, R, R Shiny, AI and machine learning.

Recruitment & Selection

We can also be of service when you are looking to permanently expand your in-house data capabilities. Within our large network of data scientists, engineers and analysts we can almost always find a candidate that has the technical abilities you are looking for and fits with your organisation.

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