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Your career is a journey. To get to new grounds, you need to know where you stand now.

We offer individual or team-based assessments of current and desired skills and provide training courses based on the outcome of these assessments. For aspiring data scientist we offer a mentor program.

Take the first step and let us guide you on your career journey.

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Many organizations have embraced data science and hired data professionals. Sometimes the organization has a clear vision of what it wants to achieve using data science. Often however, this vision is not fully crystallized. As a result, the data science team lacks clear objectives and goals.

We noticed that this impacts the effectiveness of the team: data scientists don’t feel challenged, many projects never lead to successful implementations, a lot of work is ad hoc / reactive, leading to a potentially high employee turnover.

We believe that we can improve the data science team’s performance and become more effective.


Our portfolio of training courses ranges from technical, like python, big data and machine learning, to soft skills. The soft skill courses include topics such as data story telling, project management, communication and stakeholder management. It is often these skills that determine whether or not a data project will be a success and be adopted by the business.

Although we have a number of standardized courses, we believe in tailoring our courses to our audience. Customization is therefore always an option. Whether you are an individual who is looking to learn a specific skill or a manager looking to develop new skill set in your team, we can help you!

Career Track

We offer aspiring data scientists an opportunity to enter the market. You may not have the background or technical skills to start working as a data analyst or scientist right away. But if you have the drive and ability to learn, we have the knowledge to help you get started.

Are you a Master student that wants to start their career in data science or an experienced professional who wants to switch to data science?

Our Fast Track Experience program is developed to help you achieve this. The program combines real world data science projects with personalized coaching and training. The objective of this program is to provide you with the skills and experience so you can rightfully call yourself a data scientist after 12 months.


Identify current skills and talents. Create development program.


A personalized development program to further your career.


Fast track towards a career in data science.

Some of our clients: 


WePowerPeople maakt werk van werkgeverschap.

De behoefte bij werkgevers in de mobiliteitsbranche aan ondersteuning op de thema’s werkgeluk, verzuim, ontwikkeling, rendement, werkvermogen en productiviteit neemt verder toe.

WePowerPeople is van mens en werk en ondersteunt medewerkers en organisaties in de ontwikkeling. Voor welke uitdagingen staat je bedrijf? Welke talenten en kwaliteiten heb je nodig voor de ontwikkeling van de organisatie? Wat is de volgende stap in jouw carrière?

Dat is wat waar we graag met je over in gesprek gaan. Niet alleen omdat het ons een bestaan verschaft, het is wat ons drijft. Bij WePowerPeople, gaat het over mensen en hun potentieel, omdat mensen die in beweging komen méér bereiken!